DeepOutdoors is made up of divers, instructors and people who are curious about our marine environment.  We live in stewardship of the oceans through preservation, conservation and documentation.  As we develop as better divers we will seek new challenges while refining our skill to have safe practices and procedures.

Our Business is to develop products that through testing and design exceed the expectations of the user.



December 2010

We are purchased by OceanResearch Group, Inc.  

May 2014

DeepOutdoors products are relaunched as a division of OceanResearch Group, Inc. 



January 2001

DeepOutdoors is born out of frustration of needing a good quality Tech Diving BC.

October 2004

DeepOutdoors is launched at DEMA Las Vegas with our entire product line of BC's, Adventure Luggage and Performance Fleece.  DEMA awards us with the Splash Award for the best new company launch.